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The Queixa Sierra, located in the middle of the Eastern massif of Ourense and part of the Natura 2000, is one of the natural jewels of Galicia, both due to the varied flora in its forest and to the fauna living in them. 

It is usual to run into some special “neighbours” who live in the Queixa Sierra. Squirrels, roe deers, badgers, foxes, wild boars and even iberian wolves are some of the animals that walk through the forests surrounding Oca Manzaneda and that, sometimes, we can observe, but always with caution.


Os Arandos Restaurant and Manzaneda Self-service Restaurant are our choices to show you our spectacular gastronomy, focused on the popular cuisine of our area. Thanks to this, you will be able to taste  traditional dishes such as roast goat, androlla and season mushrooms. Those who have a sweet tooth can also taste desserts made with traditional ingredients such as the bica, homemade honey or queso fresco.

We must emphasize too the gastronomic festivals in our area, like the Festa da Bica Romería (in Cabeza Grande de Manzaneda, to the north of Oca Manzaneda) or the Festa do cabrito (in Vilariño de Conso). 


The most important festivity is the Carnival of Manzaneda, one of the most special carnivals in Galicia due to the character of the Mázcara and its peculiar dance. The Jornadas Micológicas in Vilariño de Conso are the perfect plan for nature and mycology enthusiasts, who cannot miss this special day!

The various cultural tours in Manzaneda give the finishing touch to the cultural activities in the area. 


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