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Oca Augas Santas has been finalist at Wellness & Spa Experience awards on the en best SPA and best Thermal Technique categories.

History of the Spa

Enjoy our Spa and free yourself from worries. Our spa is built on the proximity of the ancient spa that was founded during the middle of the XIX century, and shortly after it already possessed an excellent prestige that expanded beyond the frontiers of Galicia. For a long time, the curative virtues of its sulphur water attracted visitors from different places in Spain, Portugal and even in France. 

The place, although modest, appeared due to its own merits between the most famous Galician Spas. The ruins of the old Spa are preserved close to the modern facilities as a proof of a tradition that currently intending to recover and improve by using XXI century resources. 

Therapeutic waters

The original temperature of the outgoing water from the hot spring is 17’8ºC. The waters that  flow are bicarbonate, sulphide and sodium-rich. 

Bicarbonate Waters

Waters rich in bicarbonate stimulate the enzyme-pancreatic secretion, increase the saponification power of the bile, and alkalize the urine and the gastric pH. 

Sulphide Waters

These waters are recommended in reumatologic, dermatologic and respiratory processes.

Sodium-rich Waters

Lastly, these waters are recommended in gastric processes that present hyperacidity. 

Techniques: Hydrotherapy

Spa Circuit 2h

The hotel also offers the opportunity to relax in the mineral-medicinal waters of the Aquatic Circuit composed of thermal pools with different types of jets, waterfalls, swan necks, jacuzzi, contrast pool and outdoor pool, open on weekends and bridges as part of the circuit thermal, and from June 21 to September 15 as a summer pool, with capacity for 80 people. Access to the Aquatic Circuit is allowed for children over 2 years of age. We have a restricted access time to the water circuit for children between 2 and 12 years old.

15’ Bath

Whirlpool bath with air or water jets which surround the body in a relaxing bath.


Application of one single jet by using moderate pressure and hot water in order to get a relaxing effect and to relieve stress. The effects achieved with this technique under more pressure are stimulation and toning of the skin. With the contrast of the final cold water jet, we achieve an improvement in our circulatory system.


It consists on directly applying over the respiratory tract medicinal mineral water in the form of steam. The system used is based on the release of a air stream over certain volume of medicinal mineral water, creating water vapour which is led through a tube and released on the nostrils and mouth by using a mask. This technique allows a deep cleaning of the respiratory tract. 

Techniques: Beauty

Body Peel

The treatment consists on using a exfoliating cream to eliminate dead cells providing the regeneration of your skin which will make your skin smoother. 

Body Moisturizing

Moisturizing is the first step needed to have a healthy skin. Because of that, body moisturizing is the essential complement in any body treatment.


A body wrapping with thermal blanket where we mix the slimming and firming effect of the algae with the relaxing, analgesic, soothing and stress relieving effect of the thermal blanket. 

Mud Treatment

It provides a moisturizing effect to your body to which we add essential oil. The wrapping is made by using a thermal blanket that provides a relaxing, analgesic, soothing and stress relieving effect.

Grape Special Treatment

Moisturize-firming special body treatment consisting of a grape body peel, grape special wrap and grape firming body moisturizing and anti-aging.

Face Moisturizing

A short duration facial treatment that regenerates and moisturizes your skin, providing a fresh and bright effect. 

Face Massage

With this massage you will have a deep relaxation of the muscles of your face.

Face Treatments

Complete treatments where our expert will diagnose your skin type and the needs of your skin, adapting the treatment to the needs of each customer.

Face Hygiene

Complete facial treatment that includes cleaning with removal and later moisturizing and regeneration of the skin.

Express Face Treatment

Facial scrub treatment that provides oxygen, bright and relaxation to your skin in a record time.

Techniques: Massages

Massage 10

A relaxing massage that focuses on the cervical region and continues on the muscles over the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, reactivating the blood flow and releasing tension from those areas. 

Partial Massage

A relaxing massage on the back, providing both body and mental comfort, or a massage on the legs, reactivating thus the blood flow and relieving the tiredness of the legs. 

Complete Massage

A relaxing massage on the entire body in order to relax and reach both physical and mental balance of the body.

Massage under Water

It is a manipulation of the muscle and connecting tissues to extend the function of said tissues and increase the relax and comfort. It also helps to relieve stress and muscular tension.

Celtic Massage

Our ancestors, the Celts, used to use oil and stones to cure the soul and to relieve pain in the body. Our celtic massage follows that tradition; we use hot stones and essential oils to induce relaxation and diminish stress. 

Oca Massage

Complete treatment that balances and restores the vital energy of our body. It is a relaxing and energetic massage that combines soft stretching and the liberating power of a deep massage using essential oils and the therapy of the minero-medicinal water. 

Techniques: Health

Therapeutic Massage

Pain relieving local massage perfect to alleviate discomfort and pain.

Medical Consultation

After an examination, our doctor will prepare a personalized therapy and will monitor your improvement in our facilities.


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